Steve Johnson: the new number one in the United States

Steve Johnson - US Open Tennis 2016
With the victory against Tsonga in Cincinnati, Steve Johnson has become the new # 1 of American tennis, in fact Monday will exceed Ranked John Isner. A major achievement, considering that the Californian is a professional only since 2012
With the victory in Cincinnati against Tsonga, Steve Johnson has become the new #1 in the United States, an amazing achievement when you consider that the Californian began late in his career ATP circuit. In fact, he turned pro in 2012, after being the most successful tennis player in the history of NCAA College, surpassing its record of John Isner. With the coat of "Trojans" (team from the University of Southern California) Steve has won four consecutive NCAA titles, two individual championships, one junior and one senior, but most ended a streak of 72 consecutive victories.  Three tests from the end, Steve makes an important decision: to leave the university and the world of muffled and gilded College and groped his career as a tennis player. Not an easy choice, because the media pressure, the grueling physical training and the constant trips that professionalism requires a boulder are not easy to bear. However, Johnson is a mature guy with a granite will, and with a passion for tennis.  This desire to play and compete he took it from his father at the age of two years puts the racket in hand and so began learning the rudiments of the game, but will be met at college coach to transform a talented boy in a tennis player. The strict rules of the American College did the rest, in fact, the Californian has built an important armor that shielded by the difficulties that must be, the harsh world of tennis presents you.

Johnson was not easy to go from being almost invincible to suffer defeats in the first round in the hell of the Futures and Challenger, but the Orange 26 year old has endured, he gritted his teeth and began to work on the aspects of the game that they were not up. Stylistically Johnson moves in the American tradition , or powerful physique, determination, and service-right combinations that leave petrified opponents. The rest of his repertoire is still evolving, because with the flip is defended, while the flying game problems are many. Volleys are handmade and coverage of the network is still left to chance. After a period of adjustment, it is 2014 the year of change for the American 26 year old , because it comes continuity and progress in the standings. Steve starts to win Challenger, winning titles in Dallas and The Grosier, and faces with considerable fortune even in the ATP circuit. They will, in fact, five of the top 30 losers (Isner, Haas, Anderson, Gulbis and Feliciano Lopez), but above all there is the first semi-final in his career in Delray Beach and the first quarter-final in an ATP 500, the American concrete Washington. These results bring Johnson in the top 40, but it is in the last year and a half that the Californian made ​​the final leap. The versatility of his court, which adapts to any surface, leading Steve to achieve good placings also far from cement, which saw him starring in the experience university.  There have also been improvements from the technical point of view , in fact, now the reverse is not only a defensive shot, but has gained pace and depth. The service is much more varied, in fact, the American uses slice, kick and power indiscriminately and according to circumstances. The law is increasingly incisive and physical endurance in trade has increased, the rest when you start playing constantly against the top 100 of the details search is critical.

2015 is the year bedding and awareness, because Johnson is now a tennis player who moves without problems in the circuit. There is still acute, but Steve begins to make its way in the tournament, winning major placings, in fact there for the first time qualified for the third round at a Grand Slam tournament (at Roland Garros) and the first ATP final in Vienna , in which was defeated by Ferrer. However, it is 2016 the year of the first times , because it is the first win against a top 10 in career (Gasquet at Queen's), the first ATP title (English grass of Nottingham, demonstrating the versatility American) and the second round at Wimbledon. These successes must be added the Olympic bronze in Rio in duplicate Sock, which has given fame and media attention to a boy shy and definitely not "social."  Monday will be the new # 1 in the United States , a goal, perhaps temporary but important because it will bring the "big guy" from California, who loves the sea and golf, to be the symbol of a tennis movement in recent years is showing the rope. the domain time Sampras and Agassi are far away, but the American school remains a "nursery" important for the world tennis. Until they explode the various Fritz, Kozlov and Tiafoe, for now the standard bearer of the stars and stripes tennis is him, that perhaps will not win a Grand Slam, but with sacrifice and perseverance you are building a dream.

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