Investigate a women's match at the US Open for alleged match-fixing

The first round match between Bacsinszky and Diatchenko generated irregular betting patterns

The Unit for the Tennis Integrity (ITU) is investigating a women 's first round match at the US Open after detecting p atrones irregular betting . The alert jumped after the Swiss Timea Bacsinszky , seeded 15th in the tournament, defeated 6-1 6-1 to Russian Vitalia Diatchenko on August 30.

ITU issued a statement Wednesday explaining the research: "As in all cases, the ITU to investigate, analyze, judge and take the appropriate action after the information obtained from the women's first round match at the US Open between Vitalia Diatchenko and Timea Bacsinszky ".

It added that warning alone does not imply any evidence that there has been a shamble and there may be other reasons for irregular betting patterns as "well informed bettors, heads of evil set series, state form is believe players, fatigue and playing conditions and personal circumstances ".

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