US Open - McEnroe he has a problem with Gael Monfils?

John McEnroe was very angry this Saturday against the attitude of Gael Monfils on Friday in the semifinals of the US Open. Quickly led 5-0, seemingly indolent and somewhat concerned by what was happening on the court, the French seemed to sell off the first and the second set: " It is not a profession in the" then commented, scathing, the former world No. 1, formerly known on the circuit for his blood strokes.

John Mc-Enroe - Monfils: I love you, me neither?

The public of the Arthur Ashe encouraged by critics, has also started whistling the player. This is not the first time that McEnroe rails against Monfils. In May, the one who was going to accompany Milos Raonic Wimbledon, said: "If I had to coach a French player, j e choose Monfils But I think it falls into the category of guys who would not listen to me." Unmanageable, "the Monf" so before being unprofessional. But that's not all. The American, at the start of the US Open not décolérait, and described him as "worst disappointment of history": " " I love the character Monfils. But I do not want to be negative but this is one of the biggest disappointments of history. He would already have won 4 or 5 major."

The punchline of Monfils in  response

At a press conference after the semifinals of the US Open the Parisian replied, pleasing his cause, not without brilliance and irony: " The whistles Yes, I understand, if for 1:15 there someone? who keeps saying I'm not professional, obviously it bothers them and I want to apologize also to do that to someone who knows very well the court, actually. my apologies, saying that I sorry, I'm someone different I am a professional, unfortunately, but I'm different when I take 6-3 6-2, I want to win;.. since when I normally play, I'm getting crushed when I play differently, there is no match, but I win games, I release myself, I feel better. I'm sorry to be different. I'm really sorry to be different. " The French, in fact, lived hard on the best season of his career, by the admission of their opponents, with a quarter-final at the Australian Open and in Miami and the Olympic Games, this half to the US Open, another in Canada, a final in Rotterdam, and a title for Washington.

Wawrinka and Djokovic: size support

Faced with criticism from John McEnroe , Gael Monfils could count on the support of his classmates: Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka , the finalists of the 2016 edition of the US Open came to his rescue. " There was a bit of lack of respect from them, I found" said the Swiss, referring to the comments of ESPN and whistles they had triggered. "J 'have watched much of the game and I think Gael was just nervous. Everyone reacts differently, it took him some time to vent his nerves, that's his style, he wanted to relieve pressure . " he continued, clement. Novak Djokovic, however destabilized by the attitude Monfils sawtooth, has also wanted benevolent: " He likes to jump, slide ... It has always been like that It's part of his tactical Some.. think this is just unacceptable behavior, but that's to play him. If he says it was part of his tactics, you have to believe it. he was 0-5, he tried something even if it did not seem to make every effort, and then he started to play, and even to play very well, very aggressively. he took his cahnce, he came to the net. in the end account, there is provided a game that ended by pleasing the public, so ... "Yeah, so? John McEnroe Does a personal problem with Monfils or feels he disappointed professors who note "Could do better" at the bottom of the newsletter of their favorite student, but too restless?

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