This Makes Andy Murray World's No.1 Player at Paris Master

He was 8,035 standing in points behind the apparently all-powerful Djokovic - the same as four Grand Slam game titles.

However now, as he prepares for his beginning match against Fernando Verdasco at the BNP Paribas Experts in Paris on Wednesday, he is merely five matches behind moving Djokovic off his perch and taking the No1 place. Andy Murray can become world's leading tennis player at Paris Masters if this happens.

At this moment, Andy Murray stands 1,915 behind Djokovic. But on Monday all the factors received by both men at the Paris event with the ATP Tour World Finals this past year will be taken off their tally.

That will decrease the difference between them to 415 pnts just. The easy maths means that if Murray finishes this week 416 points or even more before Djokovic, he'll be the best player in the global world.

To achieve that, he must reach the last whatever Djokovic does indeed. If he wins the title and Djokovic does not get to the ultimate, the most notable spot is his. If Murray loses in {the final and Djokovic loses in the quarter-finals or prior, the No1 rating is his.

And what's offering Murray easy assurance this week is the fact finally he seems as if he could be back again to his best.

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