New Tennis book: A Christmas Present BY Andy Murray

In early December, comes a book reading a fascinating displays of tennis lovers. This time, the hero of the book, Andy Murray, who will introduce his intriguing journey that brought him critical achievements and laid the foundation for his future success.

In the book "Seventy-seven: My journey to Wimbledon Glory" focuses on the world number one, a triple Grand Slam winner and two-time Olympic Games Singles gold medal of his career in the pivotal moments, and allows us to peek into their world, speaking of intensive types of training are holding together a team of the relationships between the mental and physical battles by top .

This highly personal book is well-suited to celebrate Andy Murray's career to date, culminating in the gorgeous and unforgettable victories in Wimbledon, which took the whole of Great Britain breathless.

What does the book cover of 77? If Andy Murray descended lämbel one July day in Wimbledon's main square on his knees, he barely managed to grasp the scope of his achievements. Him had just become the first British tennis player, who won the Wimbledon men's singles Grand Slam tournament since Fred Perry in 1936. Suddenly came the British men's tennis again after 77 years of stagnation top.

Andy Murray's book, "Seventy-seven: My journey to Wimbledon glory at the" perfect Christmas gift for both young and old tennisehuvilisele.

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