Becker: "O Djokovic did not have as much training"

One day after the official end of the partnership, Boris Becker spoke to Novak Djokovic, in a televised appearance in SkyNews. O German technician, holds 6 Grand Slam titles, claimed that the past six months the Nole did many trainings were and commented and the rumors about the affair Serbian.

"Our hands were tied in some way. We could not do the job we wanted, because we spent so much time in court over the last six months, as expected. Success is not so is simple, at the touch of a button. There is simply by your appearance in a tournament. We have to work hard, because your opponents do the same " , Becker said in a televised interview on SkyNews.

The German technician confirmed that the "divorce" was a joint decision by both of them, and commented on a rumor that went round the world through the media in recent weeks and attributed the racing fall of Serbian in a personal adventure with a another woman.

"I do not know whether he had some personal problems. He is married and happy. It also has a beautiful son. The profession of tennis, however, is probably the most selfish in world sports, because they have to devote themselves to yourself. I can tell you however that is familly .

H wife and the rest of the family is still in the stands, but this can not be the case forever and I think what he meant. I do not think there were other problems. I talked to his wife and is very supportive. But they do not spend as much time together as old. I had gone and what I 20 years ago. It's just the nature of a professional tennis player. "

Finally, Becker expressed his belief that the second half of 2016, it was just a short break for Djokovic, who will return stronger in 2017 and will recover. No. 1 world ranking.

"I am convinced that it will return to the no. 1 in the world and will become the dominant player in the sport again. You just have to return to work. He needs to train as before and focus again on what brought him to the top."

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