Not looking for coach Djokovic

The Novak Djokovic will continue to work with Marian Vajda in 2017 and, according to the latest reports, it will not look for another coach, after the end of his collaboration with Boris Becker.

The Djokovic worked for three years with Becker and together had an amazing cooperation, winning 6 Grand Slams among many other titles. This week Nole announced the end of their collaboration and since then rumors about the successor of the German flared.

From that successor seems to be no, since according to the British Times reports, the Djokovic will not seek a new coach. He will maintain its cooperation with Marian Vajda, with whom many years work.

The very Djokovic himself, commented the "divorce" of the Becker, explaining how the cycle of cooperation had been completed and that achieved with even more than those targeted. He added that what will be needed for the rest of his career is to maintain this level that managed to catch with Becker, therefore he suggested that a new person will not have on his team.

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