Personality of the year Murray

Andy Murray became a leading personality of the year by the BBC for the 3rd year in his career. Gold medalist in Rio and no. 1 in the world rankings, absolutely dominated the voting for Best British athlete of 2016, after the great year incurred.

"It was a great year for British sport and I'm proud that I was part of this year," said Murray, who received the award from Miami and was unable to attend the event in Birmingham, because of the preparation.

Personality of the year Murray

"I want to thank everyone who voted for me. I really appreciate your votes. I also want to thank my family. I think my mother is somewhere in the audience. I also want to thank my father, who married 10 days ago . I miss you both " , added the champion of Wimbledon.

"Also a big thanks to my wife and my daughter. You might not know yet what that means, but in a few years will understand. Basically, with my wife is an issue, because before my one time said he voted for Nick Skelton . It was not too smart with Christmas approaching " , he added joked Murray.

The no. 1 in the world ranking for the 3rd time won the award for personality of the year, after 2013 and 2015. This year was the overwhelming favorite and it proved the final result of the vote, he had 247 419 votes, more than double the the second, Alistair Brownlee, who got 121 665 votes.

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