Pat Rafter: 'I think Roger Federer realistically thinks he can win a Major'

It's time for some predictions for Pat Rafter. The Former Australian player, interviewed by CNN, spoke about what could happen in 2017 to the best players in the world.

Rafter thinks that Novak Djokovic, who had problems in the second part of the 2016 season, will find his best level again: 'Djokovic will have a half-decent year again and win a couple slams.'

He however has doubts about Andy Murray. The British player became the world no. 1 and won Wimbledon and ATP Finals, but may not be able to replicate it next year: 'Will he be able to solidify it? I don't know,' Rafter said.

Finally the Australian believes that Roger Federer, who will comeback after five months of absence, can still be competitive against the best players: 'If he's not winning a Grand Slam, is he struggling? Because what is his goal? To be no. 5 in the world? I doubt it. I think he realistically thinks he can win another slam. Maybe he can. Whenever you are that great, you never write off a champion.'

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