Eugenie Bouchard’s Lawsuit Against the USTA

Since that fateful day in September 4, 2015, a fall in the physio room created a world of indifference for Bouchard, the USTA and her lawyer.

"They're being really aggressive with me", Bouchard had said toher lawyer, Benedict Morelli at the beginning of the case. The supposed facts were simple of her going into a darkened locker room wanting to get an ice bath after playing a doubles and mixed doubles match at the 2015 US Open. 

Eugenie Bouchard

There was some slippery substance on the floor of which Bouchard says she slipped on,hit her head and had sustained a concussion. It was from these simple situations that Eugenie and the USTA have butted heads on what was and what should have been during that night. A darkened room Bouchard had stood by her allegations because of the hour that she'd finished her matches, whereas the USTA has said that the room wasn't dark and that even when the main lights are off, there is a dimmer in the area. The USTA said that Eugenie didn't want to have medical attention given to her after she fell and she left. There was also a point that the USTA and Bouchard were discussing  that she didn't go by the regular standards of havng an assistant help with procedures on usng the physio room and ice bath and that she wanted to use it by herself.

After the fall, Eugenie wasn't able to play and says of lost revenues and playing time had made her ranking plumment lower with an inability to rise due to recurring symptoms. But the USTA has said that she did participate in the China Open in October, but facts were known that she had to retire during her opening round because of dizziness. When there might have been on Bouchard's side a request to find the employee who might have left the cleaning substance on the floor, the USTA wasn't able to find out who the person was. It was also upon Bouchard's lawyer's request  to have all footage from the camera near the physio room on that night of her fall, but was told that a portion wasn't available and that it might have been destroyed. The USTA says they gave all the footage needed.

     So it was after that last match in 2015 in China that Bouchard was never able to regain her rankings in good standard as of this day in 2017 and there was talk too of a possible trial to be started, but it might be a no-brainer to have everyone present as well as the touring Eugenie Bouchard. Monetary compensation is also on the table but as to how much and how much the USTA will be providing if it comes down to that is another issue making agreements at this time not resolved yet.  

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