Where to Watch or Broadcast the Tennis US Open Live 2017

We know the feeling. Tennis tournaments don’t get much more important than the upcoming 2016 US Open, which begins on August 29th. Those of us unlucky enough to lack tickets to the event will likely be relying on live streams to stay up to date on all of the latest US Open news. The calendar has turned to August, so if you are a Tennis fan, you most likely have the US Open on your mind.If you are a TV viewer in the United States, you probably have a good idea of how you will go about watching this year’s matches.

So if your goal is to watch US Open tennis live, especially when you won’t be near your TV 24/7, streaming is your best bet. And if you’re going to live stream in order to watch US Open tennis, you’ll need to know which channels are offering a live US Open 2017 stream, and you’ll need a top router for live sports streaming.

Streaming the 2017 Tennis US Open.

If you’re not in front of your TV for one reason or another during the US Open, you have plenty of options in terms of streaming. For starters, there’s the official homepage of the US Open, which will have live coverage a-plenty.

However, for cord-cutters, figuring out a way to watch the tennis US Open live might be a pain Let us help you take away the agita and show you how to watch the Tennis US Open live from August 23rd to September 11th.

Where to Watch the Tennis US Open Live Coverage 2017.

US Open Tennis 2017 in the USA

In the past few years, the US Open site has served as the central source to watch the Tennis US Open live, providing great Broadcast content on nearly every aspect of the tournament. Covering live feeds from 7 courts, will have the most coverage available online for Tennis fanatics.

CBS Sports – For the 47th consecutive year, broadcasting nearly 40 hours of coverage including Finals Weekend, from the Women’s singles semifinals on Friday, Sept. 5 through the Men’s Singles Final on Monday, Sept. 8.

CBS Sports will also broadcast Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day for the 19th straight year, on Sunday, Aug. 24, and CBS Sports Network will televise the US Open Qualifying Tournament from Aug. 19-22 and offer more than 15 hours of coverage during Labor Day Weekend.

WatchESPN – ESPN’s online Broadcast video hub will certainly be a good source for Broadcast the US Open (if you have access) showing nearly 100 hours of live action during the tournament, including weekday afternoon coverage and exclusive weekday prime-time broadcasts.

ESPN’s coverage ends with the Men’s Doubles Final so you won’t get access to watching the finals. However, to use the WatchESPN service, you must also be a subscriber to a US-based provider, which are listed here.

Tennis Channel – Broadcasting 250+ hours of coverage including nearly 70 hours of live coverage along with daily US Open preview and highlight shows and extensive encore programming. The Tennis Channel is another official partner of the US Open that will host live Broadcast, but much like WatchESPN, you will need to be subscribed to a participating provider.

So if you are in the United States, use or CBSSports are available to anyone especially cord-cutters or use WatchESPN or The Tennis Channel if you subscribe to one of the supported cable providers. Outside of the United States, Broadcast the US Open Tennis tournament gets a bit more complicated.

US Open Tennis Coverage Outside the USA

The 2017 US Open is scheduled to be broadcast in more than 200 countries around the world. However, these Broadcast options and channels are limited to subscribers of these various services holding their rights.

UK – Skysports

Canada – TSN

Australia – Fox Sports

Japan – WOWOW

China – CCTV

Indian subcontinent – Ten Sports

Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America – ESPN International

54 countries in Europe & 14 in Asia including Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy & Russia – Eurosport

Free US Open Broadcast Options from Outside of the United States

To watch the Tennis US Open live inside the US, you will need unblocked access to the US Open or CBS Sports websites. So how do you get that US-based IP address to watch all of the last tennis major of 2017?

Both CBS Sports and US Open can be unblocked outside of the United States via a VPN or SmartDNS service.

SmartDNS differs from VPN as it does not change your IP or add encryption but unblocks many popular Broadcast video sites. It offers access and speed but not the same speed as VPN service. Read more about the difference on our recent blog post, What is the difference between VPN and SmartDNS?

Our top recommended providers for users looking for the fastest US servers are:

    Overplay – Easiest to use and includes free SmartDNS service with subscription.

    HideMyAss  – Highest server count and IP address count.

    PrivateInternetAccess – Most popular budget provider with yearly accounts under $40.

    SmartDNSProxy – 14 Day Trial & 2 year subscriptions are under $50! A trial just long enough to watch the whole tournament.

    IPVanish – Own and maintain their own servers with a large amount of servers based through the US.

Using a VPN will allow you to have your IP address appear as if you are in the United States, which is beneficial if you are in the United Kingdom, Spain, Serbia or Australia and are looking to watch highlights of the US Open via CBS Sports.

Paid Broadcast Tennis Outside of the United States

TennisTV is a very good option for tennis fans, offering full coverage of the ATP World Tour and the WTA tournament. TennisTV is a subscription based service that offers 16 months for the standard 1 year price of $129.95, a $9.99 day pass, and $20.99 for the standard monthly rate.

While many of the tournaments available on TennisTV have location restrictions, using a VPN service subscription will allow you to encrypt your IP address and have access to all the matches Broadcast on TennisTV as well.

Best Routers for Live Broadcast Tennis Video

If you are Broadcast TennisTV or WatchESPN with a VPN on a Broadcast media player, using a FlashRouter will make the process even easier.

A FlashRouter is a router implemented with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, and therefore fully capable of being used to create a VPN network. Once you have a VPN network, you can allow yourself full access to channels like TennisTV on a myriad of devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and Android smartphones.

A FlashRouter like the powerhouse Asus RT-AC68U can also lend a hand to those in the United States wanting high quality Broadcast video from sports to movies through the year.

Possesses an 800 MHz processor and three adjustable external antennas, the Asus RT-AC68U DD_WRT is primed for high Broadcast quality and strong range. Plus, the DD-WRT firmware the RT-AC68U is flashed with allows for many new capabilities, including advanced QoS, privacy settings, access restrictions, and bandwidth monitoring.

These features are also available on various economy line routers like the Netgear WNDR4000. No matter your setup, a FlashRouter will certainly make integrating your unblocking desire and security privacy needs a reality..